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Do you want to sell your house
no repairs, no listing,
no agents, NO FEES?

We Buy Houses Columbus

We Buy Houses in Columbus that need work. We Buy fixer uppers, handyman specials and we will buy your house “as is”. 614-547-9204

We’re serious property buyers, and we mean business.  At We Buy Houses Columbus even if your house needs work, we can make an offer for it—often within 24 hours—and close fast, with no hassles, in 14 days or less.

We’re a Columbus company; buying houses is our business. We’re upfront, considerate, and friendly, and we always operate with the utmost integrity, because we live right next door.

We Buy Houses Columbus wants to make an offer on your home! We’ve already bought more than 150 single-family homes in Columbus. We Buy Houses Columbus. If you’re ready to sell, we’d like to make an offer for yours.

Why would you want
to sell your home yourself?

Everything costs too much these days.

It seems as though you have to spend money to make any, and the bigger the stakes, the more you have to spend.

Your home is probably your biggest and most valuable asset. You paid a lot to buy it, and now it looks as though you’ve got to spend a lot to sell it—listing fees, selling fees, commissions. In Cincinnati, many sellers pay $10,000 or more for real estate agents to list their properties.

Even if you try to sell it yourself, you’ll have to advertise. Maybe your house needs some repairs first, or some fresh paint. That all adds up, and you pay for it.

We Buy Houses Columbus

when you submit your info!

Then there’s the wait. Homes often languish on the market for months; for most sellers, a quick house sale is a fantasy. Not to mention the headache of showing after showing, strangers parading through your home, asking prying questions.

We Buy Houses Columbus.

So, why would you want

to sell your home yourself?

Because you don’t want the extra expense of all those fees and commissions. Because you don’t want to be at the beck and call of real estate agents and weekend sightseers, who aren’t even serious home buyers.

Because you want to sell your home NOW.