The Cincy House Buyer 445-CASH The Cincy House Buyer 445-CASH

Want to sell your
Columbus house—right now?

We Buy Houses Fast in Columbus

At the best of times, selling a home can be a
major pain. But when times are tough or circumstances compel you to do it quickly,
the process of selling a home can be overwhelming.

Expensive, too. If the property needs repairs or updating, just getting it ready to sell can cost you a bundle. Selling through a Realtor will cost you 6 percent to 7 percent in commissions, and you may have to wait months and months before you find a buyer. (Yeah, even if you find a buyer yourself, you’ll have to pay the Realtor—often $10,000 or more!) Maybe you’ll have to cut your asking price a time or two before you get an offer or you could sell directly to us. We Buy Houses Fast in Columbus.

Do you want real cash—not just a lot of paperwork—for your home?

Sell directly to a buyer who doesn’t need to get a loan and we will give you an offer within 24 hours, without seeing the inside of the property! We Buy Houses Fast in Columbus which means we will close in 10-14 days. Sell your property in as-is condition, and close on the day of your choosing.

Can we cut through all the red tape & actually keep it simple?

You bet! We look at the house and make you an offer. If you accept our offer, we sign a simple purchase contract and set it up to close on a day that works for you. We can close in as few as 10 days, or we can give you as much time as you need.

Can you trust ANY buyer to be fair?

We’re a Columbus company; buying houses is our business.We Buy Houses Fast in Columbus and we’re upfront, considerate, and friendly, because we live next door. We’ve bought more than 150 single-family homes in Columbus, and we’d like to make an offer for yours—a CASH offer.

Are you worried about all that STUFF in your house? We Buy Houses Fast in Columbus with all the stuff!

Does your property have stuff in it that needs to be cleaned up? Don’t sweat it. We can see right past it when we look at the property, and we can clear it out if we buy. All we care about are room dimensions and the overall layout of the house. If you’d like, we can give you an offer over the phone, without even looking inside the house. We can simply drive by the property and give you a confidential offer the next day.

How much time will you waste on buyers that need to find a loan?

It’s next to impossible to get a loan these days. Attempting to sell to a buyer who needs to get a loan is like swimming in shark-infested waters at dusk with a raw steak in your hand: it’s risky business. After six months or more, you may finally find a buyer-who asks you to knock $15,000 OFF the purchase price after inspections are completed-only to find out he can’t even get a loan. This is the brutal reality that most home sellers face-time after time.

Do you enjoy crawling across broken glass? You don’t have to at We Buy Houses Fast in Columbus

Using a real estate agent to sell your property will take three to six months or more, cost you thousands of dollars in unnecessary realtor fees, and may bring you only a hopeful buyer who still needs to get a loan-if he can.

How about a fair offer, right now?

Our offer is totally confidential; and you have no obligation whatsoever to accept it. We’ll estimate the repairs needed, subtract the after-value and our profit, and come up with the price we can pay for the house.

Are you ready to get on with your life? Then submit your info at We Buy Houses Fast in Columbus

By selling directly to a cash buyer, the sales process will be quick and seamless, allowing you to move on with your life. Imagine the blissful day when you can forget about property taxes, heat bills, repairs, or cutting the grass. It will be a crisp, clear morning when the sun is shining bright and you are relaxed and completely at peace, now having the time to do what you like to do most.

We’re looking for only a few houses.

The amount of money we have to spend is limited. We have only enough cash to buy two or three houses in the next month, so the window of opportunity must close very soon. No matter if your house needs work or cleaning up-as long as you haven’t already listed it with an agent, we’re interested! We don’t even need to look inside.

You can have our offer in 24 hours.

Sell your house—and have the cash in your hands—within 9 days!