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Who are we, anyway?

We Buy Houses in Columbus
Mitch Painter have a purpose: nothing
less than the revitalization of America,
one house at a time.

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Mitch learned his business from the ground up, watching and following his dad, owner of a large commercial construction company. The basics of building and the finer points of renovation provided a solid foundation, and Mitch started his own business—rehabilitating homes as We Buy Houses in Columbus while still enrolled at the University of Cincinnati. After graduation, he continued to build his business on the basis of a clear and dedicated vision.

Mitch Painter

Mitch firmly believes in the importance of each home, both to the family that lives in it and to the dynamic history of the city. For him, even the most distressed house can be brought back to life, to again provide a beautiful home for a new family.

That means We Buy Houses in Columbus the seller matters as much as the buyer. Mitch buys two or three houses a month; he begins each project by working out the best solution possible for the home-owner who needs to sell—whatever the reason. He doesn’t believe in stiff negotiations, but rather in offering a fair price and a quick closing for sellers.

As a result, Mitch works out great solutions for sellers and devotes himself to seeing each project through to completion. Over the past 11 years, he’s bought and sold more than 150 single-family homes . We Buy Houses in Columbus wants to make a cash offer on your home.

If you have a home to sell, Mitch would love to make you an offer. Call him directly, or use the form here and send him a message. He’ll call you back within 24 hours!


Property Twins of Columbus Mitch and Matt Painter